Terms and Conditions

1. Smoking and Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited. Intoxicated persons will not be Permitted entry.

2. Outside food will Not be allowed inside the premises.(Rules by Management)

3. Patrons Will be allowed to enter the Cinema Hall after checking.

4. Show Timings are Subject to change.(Rules by Management)

5. The tickets are valid only for the date and time specified on the ticket.

6. The tickets can be checked either at the entrance or cinema hall. Anyone not in possession of a valid ticket for the          screening of the film in question will be reported to the authorities and will have to pay CHF 250.00.

7. Anyone who illegally reproduce and distribute the ticket will be reported to Authorities.

8. Using foul language or causing disturbance to the show will not be tolerated. The person involved in such                      behavior   will be removed from cinema hall immediately and no refund will be provided.

9. Misconducts with the staff or management of the theater will not be allowed. if such situation arises legal action            will be taken on the individual or group of individual and theater has rights to deny admission to such individual.           (Rules by Management)

10. Any damage caused to the 3D glasses given, theater property, the bearer will have to pay the respective cost for         the damage occurred.

Warning: General rights of refusal

 We reserve the rights to refuse entry to the cinema to anyone who does not comply with any of the above article.